House of Thebes

King Eetion


Often obstinate, but always fair, he is a man driven by his deep affection for family and a strong moral duty to his kingdom. Second in line to the throne, he escaped the entanglements of royalty as a young man in favor of wanderlust. However, when his older brother unexpectedly died he was forced to become king and take his brother’s betrothed as his queen.

Queen Astrid


A daughter of a soldier for hire, she learned a warrior’s ways from her late father and became the youngest guard to the first queen of Thebes. Now, Eetion’s second wife, she is his rock as well as a caring stepmother to his two sons. Her strong survival instincts and street smarts make her a tough, but devoted mother to her other children; Podes, Andromache, Appolonia and Androdamos. 

Princess Andromache


The eldest daughter of King Eetion and Queen Astrid, she is determined to break the chains of royal tradition for a life on her own terms. Half-sister to Princes Echelaos and Eryx, she is a cunning and confident fighter who will not back down once her mind is made up.



Eetion’s eldest son, he is cut from the same cloth as his father. However, he was born to Astrid out of wedlock so he may never inherit the throne of Thebes. Although he has been raised in the palace, he does not have a royal title. Still, he is greatly loved and relied upon by his family with the exception of Echelaos and Eryx with whom there is a bitter rivalry.

Prince Lysandros


The youngest of Eetion’s brothers, he would have been the best choice to become king but for his age. He is keen to the workings of royal politics and is the chosen one to represent Thebes on diplomatic missions. Married to Princess Dafina, he is also a father figure to Podes.

Princess Dafina


Born of the royal line of Crete and sister to King Idomeneus, she married Prince Lysandros to ensure a trade alliance between their kingdoms and found her soulmate. Witty and enigmatic, she is a doting mother and favorite aunt of Andromache.

House of Troy

Prince Hector


Prince Hector is the noble heir to the throne of Troy. The eldest son of King Priam, he is admired for his devotion to his family and kingdom. A gallant tamer of horses who believes in always doing the right thing, his courage and strength have earned him the reputation as a great warrior. However, he has yet to face one with the same iron will as himself until he meets Princess Andromache of Thebes.

Princess Cassandra


Beautiful twin sister to Helenus and Princess of Troy, Cassandra is a complicated soul who has the gift of soothsaying. More than anything, she wants everyone to just get along and when that doesn't happen, she loses it.

The Thracians



The fierce leader of a rogue tribe of mercenaries and horse thieves who have invaded Greece from the northern territories. He is in search of a settlement for his people, and will give his allegiance to any ruler who will give him land.



The Thracian king and warlord, who invades Greece with Tuktu. Greedy for richer land, more horses and greater adventures, he is a born leader who intends to conquer the new world. 



Only daughter of Toktu. Daring and wise beyond her young years, she has been raised by her father since her mother’s disappearance when she was an infant.



Second in command to Toktu, he left his tribe to seek prosperity in another land. He is a good soldier and a mean fighter without a conscience. His spear is his weapon of choice.



A sword maker who believes that every weapon he crafts is called into existence by a spirit of war. He is a ruthless fighter who likes the thrill of a swift kill.



Young brother of Rhesus, he is a marauder who likes to roam. He is a killer by nature, but possesses a strong loyalty to family and especially his horse, Zeylina. 

House of Elis

King Polyxeinos


Handsome and irreverent, he is the unscrupulous underboss of King Agamemnon. He always gets what he wants and has no problem using his royal title and mercenary connections to bully the smaller dynasties of Greece to make that happen. After his first two wives died under suspicious circumstances, he is seeking a new bride with a title to increase his power and give him an heir.