About Young Gods

Young Gods is a stylized historical family series with a modern flare set in Greece during the 12th century BC in the years leading up to the Trojan War. A prequel to Homer’s classic The Illiad, this is a story of heroes and warlords that brings to life the early days of the mythological characters of the royal houses of Troy and Thebes. 

The noble Prince Hector of Troy and the mercurial Princess Andromache of Thebes are forced into an unlikely friendship when each comes of age and the mantle of the monarchy is thrust upon them. Their carefree years of childhood are over. Now, every choice they make has consequences. There is no room for error in the struggle to preserve the delicate balance of influential political alliances and fragile family loyalties amidst blood rivalries and the all-consuming power of greed. Meanwhile, beyond their borders tribes of Illyrian horseman from the north seek to invade their territories. From the south looms the ultimate conflict with the High King Agamenon of Mycenae and King Menelaus of Sparta, as the feudal brothers bolster their armies to expand their borders and conquer all of Greece.

However, between the ambitious kings to the south, the hostiles to the north and the metropolis of Troy across the Aegean Sea, is the peaceful buffer of Thebes. Believed to have been created as paradise for the gods, it is rich in farmland, livestock and seafaring trade. On this evening as the sun sinks lower on the horizon turning the orange sky to blue then to black, stars appear to take their place as freckles upon the cheeks of Nyx. At the harbor, fishermen hoist their nets by the dim light of lanterns. On the hillside above them a woman herds her goats toward home with her two children in tow. 

The charming village is turning in for the night, but the palace is anything but ready to settle down. In the banquet hall, royal chefs and servants bustle about in preparation for a grand feast soon to begin. The flurry of excitement is because King Priam of Troy has arrived with his children for a visit. In another room overlooking the courtyard, Princess Andromache fastens a blue and white seashell necklace; the final touch to her royal attire for the evening. This is special night for her. Now, 17, it is her debut as a young woman of marrying age. Across the way, Prince Hector of Troy ignores the laughter of his brothers and laces black leather cuffs to his wrists. Then he adjusts his twisted metal bicep bracelet adorned with ornate horse heads at either end; a symbol of his great reputation as a tamer of horses. In the king’s chamber, Eetion speaks quietly to his wife, Queen Astrid about his concerns behind King Priam’s unexpected visit. In the chamber of the royal guest, Priam looks up at the night sky with the silent hope that his wife, Queen Hecuba will forgive him. Down the stone hallway, Princess Dafina of Crete is alone in her room. She, too, stares at the stars and voices a wordless prayer that her beloved husband, Prince Lysandros of Thebes would soon safely return from his stay with Odysseus in Ithaca. Then the time comes for members of both families to ascend on the banquet hall. Each royal house forms a line facing the other and introductions are made; Helenus, Cassandra, and Paris greet Echelaos, Eryx, Appolonia and Androdamos. Also, Hector and Andromache speak kindly to everyone, but each other. They have already met over an unfortunate exchange of words earlier that afternoon at the palace equidome.